Tips for Buying a Digital Table

When you get to buy a digital tablet, you start with the difficult dilemmas and lack of knowledge of what I really need and what I really want on my digital tablet to the synagogue. Therefore, we have compiled a number of important tips here before purchasing a digital calendar for a synagogue

Screen – TV or professional?

On the screens, there are two types of screens, one type is a home TV that is purchased from electric stores throughout the country and the other is a professional screen that you meet at the train stations and the airport (the screen is not a TV).
Please note a number of important points that you should have on your screen:

Power outage

The screen must be supported by the AutoPlay function after falling power without having to touch the remote control so that if there is a power drop on the screen, the screen will automatically restart. On most TV screens, most models do not support it.

Turns the screen on and off automatically

Professional screens enable an embedded company to define the hours of operation of the screen according to the hours of prayers in the synagogue, thus saving at least 80% of the electricity consumption compared to the home screen and also to maintain the life of the screen – otherwise the home screen does not exist and the screen has to work Non-stop.

Standard working hours of TV screens.

The screens in the synagogue work much longer than the average. Home TV screens work in the 5/6 standard, which means a maximum working time of up to 5 hours a day for six days a week. On the other hand, professional screens meet the 16/7 standard, which means maximum working time Up to 16 hours of operation per day for seven days a week. That’s why the problems with home screens are more frequent, however in professional screens the number of malfunctions is near zero!

In a digital calendar for a synagogue, it is very important to pay attention to a number of items in order to get the best and strongest system that will hold us for a long time.


The summer temperatures in the synagogue reach 40 degrees, the home screens are capable of working at a maximum temperature of up to 30 degrees. On the other hand, professional screens have internal cooling systems that allow them to work at temperatures of 40 degrees or more without any fear.

Viewing angle

It is highly recommended that the viewing angle of the screen be at least 178 degrees so that all the synagogue worshipers will be able to see the information displayed from every angle.

Warranty screen against the importer

Does the importer give warranty on the screen even if the product is installed in a public institution / synagogue?
Please note that there are importers of televisions in the country that do not provide warranty if the TV screen is installed in a public institution – eg LG importers. Please note that there are importers who check the number of hours of the screens when they reach the repair. If the screen exceeds the average hours, there will be no warranty coverage!
TV screens importers provide screen repair parts for up to three years, after which parts of the TV screen can not be repaired but replaced with a new one.