General questions

  • I do not know computers. Can I get along with your products myself?

    In developing our software, we put special emphasis on ease of operation. Our interface is simple and easy and allows everyone to use the software, even without any knowledge of computers. In addition, we provide each client with guidance and teach him to use the software.

  • What happens when a problem occurs?

    We provide a nationwide solution, excellent technical support and professional service, and quick technicians in our service centers located in Be'er Sheva, Rosh Ha'Ayin and Haifa.

  • How are your products better than competing products?

    Our company is known for specializing exclusively in digital products for synagogues.
    We have exclusive technological solutions in the field, a wide range of products in impressive designs and service centers that continue to accompany the customers, even after the purchase to enable them to enjoy our products.

  • Do you recommend purchasing a wood frame for your products?

    In our opinion, the wood frame is very important, it cancels the television in the synagogue and turns the screen into a beautiful design item that integrates with the synagogue furniture. Especially since the prices of the frames have dropped significantly.