Technical questions

  • Digital Synagogue Board, with or without permanent internet connection?

    Our personal opinion, WITHOUT a permanent internet connection.
    A. It is known that the Internet is exposed to a multitude of undesirable hazards, including burglars and data losses that could disrupt the system
    B. Advertisements that may leak to the board as a result of the permanent connection to the Internet - there is insufficient protection from viruses.

  • Software on the Internet or software on your computer?

    A. Software on the Internet: The server on which the software is located, active on Shabbat, means that someone around the world manipulates and treats it - which makes it a serious problem of not enjoying Shabbat desecration (a point of thought)
    B. Software that is on the computer: has been in use for over 7 years in the market, with the permission of all the great sages of Israel.

  • Professional display - Which one? And why demand only such a display?

    The professional display is not one that can be found at home - this display is "high survivability", which means, it can cope with the "not so optimal" conditions that are that are in the synagogue. conditions like the 24 hours a day of high temperature during the summer while the synagogue is closed and dealing with high amounts of dust
    A professional display is designed for those conditions:
    1. Minimum working hours according to manufacturer's data (starting from 60,000 hours)
    2. Average ambient temperature (about 40 degrees - around the display).
    3. A display with strong lighting, which mostly prevents the reflection of the lamps in the synagogue (for a clearer and stronger picture).
    4. Automatic shutdown and shutdown of the entire system (without a Sabbath clock) according to the synagogue's operating hours (saves a lot of money on electricity and extends the life of the system).

  • How do i identify a professional display?

    A. The professional display can not be purchased at regular electrical stores.
    B. A professional display comes with a certificate and warning message that is not intended for home use but only for use in public places.
    C. The display warranty is only valid if the display is installed at a public space.

  • What's the difference between a standard computer and a professional computer

    Standard computer:
    Standard hard drive - HDD - subject to power failure and heat
    the fan tend to become noisy over time due to dust buildup.
    RAM that can not load after a while
    Fix working hours according to manufacturer: between 15,000 and 25,000 hours
    B. Professional computer:
    Standing at high temperature
    Industrial SSD memory for professional use over the years, heat resistant
    Professional industrial RAM, heat-resistant for years
    Fix working hours according to manufacturer: from 85,000 to 100,000 hours

  • What is important to have in the synagogue software?

    A. A large number screens and being dynamic.
    B. Graphic designs and the possibility to add a personal design.
    C. Select times according to all halachic methods and according to any location in the world.
    D. Regular updates and new designs all the time, in order to keep the system up-to-date.
    G. Unlimited warranty and support in order for the usage experience to be complete.

  • What is a professional support?

    A. Regular support every day, by telephone, internet and in person, if necessary.
    B. A detailed tutorial that will explain all the tools in the software.